Teeshood.com was founded by Mr. Aman Kumar, Mr. Debopam Roy, and Mr. Paras Prateek in the year 2015 and got registered in 2016. We envisioned a company that would provide unique and marvelous customized merchandise to people at affordable prices.

In just 6 months, we delivered over 1 lakh t-shirts all over India. This brought in the motivation to get through the initial hardships.
Today, Teeshood.com is a well-known company so admired by our customers that we hope even when we run out of stock, we don't run out of love.

Our mission is to bring to you products that are the best in quality and beautified with style.
Our products range from T-shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Boxers, Coffee Mugs, Sipper bottles, Badges, and Stickers.